Contribute to ZZZ Code AI

Why should I contribute?

Because you want this website keep being 100% FREE!

Do you know only the OpenAI API costs us over $150 per day and keeps going up every day? Only in October did the traffic triple the cost! We don't even include the coding time invested in this website.

The advertising is around only $40 in revenue per day. In other words, we are currently losing $90 per day so you could use this website.

How can I contribute?

That's a great question! At this moment, the best way to contribute is by sharing one of our sponsor links (at this moment, we self-sponsor this website).

You can:

  • Share it on Twitter
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  • Share it anywhere else

We have over 20k users per day, so if only 1% (You) of those users would share our links, it would be enough to keep this website alive.

Links to share

Click on those links and share the page. Thank everyone in advance for your help.